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PRODUCT DETAILS Maruzen M1100 Black Version Live Shell 'AUTOMATIC' Shotgun

Maruzen M1100 Black Version Live Shell 'AUTOMATIC' Shotgun

Product Brand: Maruzen
Product Code: MRZ-4992487110081
Weight: 2,700 g
Length: 1,045 mm
Capacity: 7 rds
Power: 220 fps
Power Source: HFC144A
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: sEMI aUTO
Out of Stock
Unit Price: GBP £ 356.50
Out of Stock


An extremely popular shotgun, the M1100 is used widely by law enforcement agencies around the world. Holds 7 shells at a time and each shell is ejected on each shot. Three shells are included with the gun, each capable of holding 1 to 5 BBs at a time.

Extremely realistic action but power is a little limited so this is not really suitable for serious skirmishing. The more BBs you try to load into each shell at a time, the less power you get. We recommend keeping to 3 BBs per shell at a time for decent performance.

Gas powered by HFC134a. Semi-auto action means that each shell is ejected automatically as fast as you can pull the trigger without the need to cock on every shot.

Buy extra shells for this gun from our accessories section. Sling mounts are also available for attachment of a sling. Remember to buy HFC134 gas for powering this gun.

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