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Maruzen Micro Uzi Type U
  • Manufacturer 
  • Model 
     Micro Uzi Type U
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
  • Power 
  • Power Source 
     HFC134a / HFC22
  • Blowback 
  • Hop-up 
  • Shooting Mode 
     Full Auto Only
  • Construction 
     ABS plastic, Metal magazine


+ High ROF that beats the KSC M11
+ Good accuracy
+ Low price
+ Reliable and no cool-down


- Cuts a few corners on details - No "empty magazine" lock catch - Mediocre range


High adrenaline fun with minimum pinch to your wallet. Not a close looker but a great shooter.


Without a doubt, the Uzi is the most widely distributed submachine gun in the Western world. The Uzi submachine gun was developed in Israel in the early 1950s by an officer in the Israeli army, Uziel Gal, and is manufactured by IMI. The UZI had been adopted by police and military of more than 90 countries, including Israel (now only in reserve), Germany, and Belgium. More compact versions evolved over the years in the form of the Mini and Micro UZI. These are adopted by many police, special operations and security units around the world, including Israeli Isayeret, US Secret Service etc.

The Uzi was developed on the basis of the Czech M23 and 25 submachine gun, utilizing its overall design and many features, but with a completely different receiver (rectangular instead of round in cross-section) and various other changes. It sports a compact and balanced design that places the grip near the approximate center of gravity and easily allows shooting single-handed. While the entire Uzi family deserves much praise, we will focus on the smallest of the brothers; the Uzi Pistol.

UZI's are recoil-operated, select fire submachine guns that fire from an open bolt. The bolt "sleeves" around the rear part of the barrel to decrease overall length of the gun. All versions of the Uzi (including the Uzi Pistol featured here) sport a safety/fire selector switch on the left side of the receiver, along with automated safety on the rear side of the handle (one that is simply deactivated by your palm through the natural motion of holding the grip). On the real Uzi, the charging handle is located at the top of the receiver and does not move when firing. All versions of the Uzi have threaded barrels that may be equipped with silencers.

Some sources also reported that IMI developed a variant of Micro-UZI with charging handle located at the left side of the receiver and designed rails on the top and on the bottom of the receiver. The rails allowed mounting of sights, tactical flashlights and laser aiming modules. These variants are rumored to be used by Israeli special forces.

Long sought after by many as the machine pistol of choice, airsofters previously had little choice but to adopt the gas powered variations of the Uzi Pistol for compact auto-fire capabilities. They can hardly be blamed for being such devout worshippers, for the Uzi Pistols extremely small footprint offered versatility that few other pistols could match. Unfortunately the previous gas powered versions often required clumsy gas hoses hooked to external tanks which did little to help versatility and flexibility of use.

The Uzi name and styling has also over the years developed a sort of cult following, though the imagery that comes to mind often sides with the alternative including mercenaries, body guards, and individuals who flirt with the edges of the law. This negative imagery is further propelled by Hollywood, whose producers and directors have often chosen the Uzi for its "bad-boy looks". While conveying a very different "badness" that a Desert Eagle would have (which by the way is also another Hollywood in the same sense), the Uzi Pistol is very much a bad-boy weapon that personifies mass-destructive power with its high rate of fire.

The Maruzen version of the Uzi Pistol is no work of art. Having said that, we can move on into the more positive aspects of this fun machine pistol. If you are a collector and place great value in having authentic details replicated on your airsoft piece, then this Maruzen Uzi Pistol will not find your liking. Maruzens emphasis with this new machine-pistol is on cost, and it manages to keep a fairly good price on it by cutting some corners. The entire pistol is made mostly of molded black, non-shiny plastic, which contributes to a very light-weight body. The quality of the mould is above average and most details are quite evident on the body. Where the cost-cutting factors really show are in the molded non-functional parts. The only metal parts on the gun are the magazine release switch, the sling mount and the cocking lever on the top. The safety is plastic and slides to give you the option of "Safe" and "Fire" in full auto. There is no semi-auto action. BBs are loaded via a pour-in method into the metal magazine which holds 40 rounds in stacked formation. Much like the M11, this Uzi Pistol functions in exactly the same manner and requires the user to cock the lever on the top before firing the first round from an open bolt position (with the magazine inserted of course). Charging the magazine with high pressure HFC22 gas is not a problem, though given the large percentage of plastic parts, we would highly recommend sticking to HFC134a to make this pistol last. Even with HFC134a, this gun cycles extremely quickly with very useable power.

The Uzi Pistol sports a very compact frame
Threaded barrel allows installation of a silencer
The pistol fires from an open bolt position (see BBs inside)

Where Maruzens Uzi Pistol lacks in details and visual refinement, it makes up for in a joyful shooting experience. The cycle rate is extremely high and Maruzen has clearly engineered its way around any cool down effects, which allows you to empty an entire magazine with consistent feel. The design has also proved very reliable and never once jammed, despite being shot at all weird angles and sporadic trigger finger actions. The blowback quick cannot be described as strong but the solid jerk combined with the rat-tat-tat report of the gun in full-auto makes you feel like you are delivering massive destruction! The extremely high rate of fire (faster than the KSC M11, and in fact faster than most other full auto gas blowbacks on the market) allows you to literally spray your targets with a "BB hose". The pistol is also quite accurate and allows you to quite easily aim the "hose" on your target. The visual impact of seeing the bolt cycle at insanely high speeds was also quite gratifying.

Another cost cutting feature becomes evident on the last round and the Uzi Pistol fails to lock back the bolt on an empty magazine like the more expensive M11s from KSC and WA. However the sound of firing the gun with no BBs is clearly different (a little more hollow) and the user can immediately detect when all 40 rounds have been dispensed with.

The sights are fairly accurate and serve their purpose well, though they are not adjustable. However we found little reason for aiming when massive spraying was so much more fun. At the time of this writing, Maruzen had not yet released a silencer for the Uzi Pistol, though it is expected to make its debut in coming months. A shorter and more compact 20 round magazine was also rumored to be in the works for easier concealment.

Used on the field, we found the Uzi Pistol quite good for close quarters combat and usually over-powered other skirmishes trying to fight back with measly semi-auto pistols. One man tried to shower a Glock 18C at us but the blowback on that weapon made it more difficult to aim and fell short of our ability to hose him down quite quickly and accurately with the Uzi Pistol. What the Uzi Pistol lacks is range and we found it less effective for shooting enemies at ranges of over 40 feet using HFC134a gas. Use of HFC22 boosted effective range (and blowback) but again, we would advise against long term use due to the high use of plastic on this gun. In terms of holstering this pistol, we still found the MP5K shoulder style holster to work best since the long magazine easily caught on branches and shrubs when fastened in a leg holster. The shoulder holster allowed us to conceal the Uzi Pistol under our arms and reassuringly by our rib-cage.

Overall, we like the Uzi Pistol for its entertaining shooting experience. The cost-effective details have succeeded in making this pistol quite affordable even for beginners venturing into airsoft. We cant think of another full-auto pistol that delivers this much fun for this little cost. Experienced skirmishers who crave for an economical but effective backup weapon way also find Maruzens proposition quite attractive. This is definitely not one to hang on your wall for admiration, but one that truly shines when in action!

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Full metal magazine holds 40 rounds
Authentic stampings on the top of the receiver
The real steel