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Tokyo Marui G17 Custom
  • Manufacturer 
     Tokyo Marui
  • Model 
     G17 Custom
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
  • Power 
  • Power Source 
  • Blowback 
  • Hop-up 
  • Shooting Mode 
  • Construction 


  • Available in FG and DE color
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Magazines are compatible with older versions
  • Smooth slide action due to bearing'd hammer, fully functional safety
  • Magnetic base plate
  • Easy to field strip, no loose parts like the slide catch
  • Realistic weight distribution
  • Thumb rest does not affect most existing holsters
  • Elongated mag catch spring, easy to access for maintenance


  • Magazines are expensive when acquiring extra matching magazines
  • Not consistent fps due to gas laws
  • Thumb rest may not allow all types of laser grips to be installed
  • Hop adjustment requires partial disassembly
  • Thumb rest does not allow full grip towards the rear of the slide


    The TM G17 custom, is a very user friendly and a practical pistol featuring all the features on a common Glock that would benefit any skirmishers today. Performs great with great aesthetics. Mixing the modern operator needs with a combination of practical shooting elements into one package. This may possibly be the best of both worlds in its class!



    Glocks have always been used in various situations and environments due to its reliability and ease of use. Despite the initial resistance in the market to accept 'plastic' guns due to the concerns regarding durability and reliability. This has been proven otherwise by competition shooters, gun enthusiasts, law enforcement to army personnel. Not only because the variety and range of calibers these pistols come in, it's the versatility and the availability of aftermarket parts that can be used with these pistols to allow it to be adapted to the intended use of that pistol. Now most of the company's income is derived from their line of 'plastic' pistols which has a massive 65% of the pistol market share in the law enforcement agencies in the United States.

    With plenty of variants on the Glock, chambering a massive variety of calibers pretty much covering all common pistol calibers. It is no surprise that Glocks have been a popular model to replicate in the Airsoft market. This time, Tokyo Marui have chosen to think out of the box which may be a little unusual considering their past records show they have just used existing products off their shelves to rebrand it as a new model. Instead of taking an existing Glock and paint it a different color they could have done, this model is actually designed around the idea of a competition pistol.

    Initial impressions.

    The TM G17 Custom comes in two distinctive colors, one in foliage green and another in dark earth. Specifically catering for the more 'hit' color schemes which have definitely proven to be popular in the recent months. The box comes in pretty much the same packaging as the 5-7 came in, glossy finish on the exterior, same layout and color scheme, foam padded interiors, nothing really worth special attention to on the packaging. As you lift open the box, a manual, ramrod and safe use instructions can be found inside a clear plastic bag, this safe use instructional sheet has not been changed for a number of years as the picture illustrating a dog holding a guy at gun point is still in use. If you were to be nit-picking you can say TM have never really put too much attention to their details on the packaging making their products stand out more but then again, not many manufacturers have designed a practical shooting pistol out of the box in this setting have they?

    On to the gun itself -

    The color, style and the general look of the gun is rather quite attractive and definitely unique if you're the types that doesn't require everything as close to the military versions as possible. From having the frame that's actually made of the color scheme rather than just a paint job, you don't have to worry about the paint wearing off or fading in patches over time since that's the actual color of the plastic. The beaver tail thumb rest is also another practical and definitely useful addition to these custom Glocks, by acting as a fool-proof grip, it allows the shooter to position the hand closer to the plane of action to control the recoil much better, increasing stability and reducing the recovery time as a result.

    Notice the very very faint mold line on the frame
    Thumb rest allows a practical yet comfortable grip to be made.
    Some call this the parallel grip and is commonly adopted by practical pistol shooters.

    Furthermore, the magazines have a slightly different base plate, which protects the magazine from dents and the fill valve from dirt. It also allows you to access the fill valve tool free due to its ramp design on the inside of the base plate to secure it with just enough force to hold itself in place but not too tough it requires the use of tools. The gun also incorporates a flared mag well that increases the speed of your reloads as well as reducing the errors you may have when aligning the magazine into the mag well in the heat of the battle or during your pistol race. Tokyo Marui claims that this mag well also has a magnetic feature of some sort that increases the reloading efficiency. Whilst we're on the topic of the magazine, TM have included two strange looking pieces of plastic that seems somewhat alien to most people. It's not quite a spare follower piece for your magazine, it's also not a replacement internal part for your gun itself. In fact it's a spacer for your magazine that stops the follower from spending all of its ammo, leaving 1 single round left. Or when the spacer is placed into an empty mag, this will allow the gun to be dry fired without the slide locking as the follower does not engage the slide catch mechanism. Possibly a tool to help practise emergency reloads? Well Tokyo Marui have included 2 of these spacers with each of these guns and they're supposed to fit all Glock mags too.

    The finish of this gun is also something worth extra attention to. From the trademarks and logos seen around the gun, the matte black finish on the slide, this really does show Tokyo Marui has been putting close attention to their quality during the manufacturing of this gun. Even the slide have no wobble at all without compromising the smoothness of the slide action. Speaking of smooth slide action, if you remove the slide, you will also find that the hammer has a bearing attached to it where you will typically find this part on an expensive aftermarket kit for GBB rifles, why anybody else have yet to incorporate this to their GBB pistols is unknown, but if you owned GBB pistols before, you will know the hammer adds some resistance to the initial slide action when the gun is cycling.

    Note: using propane/green gas on this pistol will eventually have adverse affects on performance and reliability and eventually break this pistol. The figures shown are only for illustrative purposes only

    The TM G17 custom chronos at 235fps on 134a gas, after expending all the ammo within the magazine, the muzzle velocity dropped down to 210fps. This was expected from the cool-down factors from the gas expanding and 134a has a bigger cool-down effect than propane. Which allows the pistol to produce a muzzle velocity of 285fps and goes down to 250 towards the end of the magazine capacity. Having only 25rounds capacity in the magazine, it is expected to house a decent amount of gas per charge. Charging the magazine with a full can of gas, it was able to expend around 40rounds on 134a and 45 rounds on green gas whilst firing at a steady rate. If you do decide to fire this weapon at a faster rate, the gas efficiency will be lower in the gun so only expect just over a magazine's worth of shots per charge of gas. Obviously various conditions will factor into how efficient gas weapons are so the gas efficiency may be different when tested again. Even though the ambient temperature at the time of testing was 27⁰c, the recoil felt was none the less pleasing, it is also surprising how when the thumb rest is used, the stability of the gun is made to a new level. I must add a statement on here being a critic/reviewer on this gun, even with the thumb rest being a standard on the G17 customs, if you were to handle this pistol with your thumb where the original groove is on the frame, the thumb rest will not give you the comfort you would expect from Tokyo Marui. Then again, this pistol is designed for use with the thumb rest so, if this is a good or a bad aspect... it really is open to interpretation.

    A grouping test has also been done on this pistol using green gas firing KSC perfect .20g ammo at 20metres. With the thumb rest removed, we can check to see how much difference the grip gives to the stability and control when compared with the grouping with the thumb rest installed. It's apparent that the shot calling can be made easier and the recovery and control of the pistol is much easier whilst shooting the pistol. With the target printed on an A4 sheet of paper, the grouping produced when not using the thumb rest was 5inches as compared to a 3.5inch grouping when shooting with the thumb rest installed.


    The TM G17 custom, is a very user friendly and a practical pistol featuring all the features on a common Glock that would benefit any skirmishers today, in Airsoft terms, you get to look the part, perform with an edge other people may not be able to with stock pistols and definitely will not need extra training to become familiar with the weapon. The gun performs extremely well straight out of the box since the moving mechanisms inside the receiver are already lubricated but could do with a little more to ensure it will stay smooth. With its thumb rest and flared mag well design, not only can the operator can easily change magazines with haste as well as being able to hit targets accurately time after time with decreased recovery time between the shots. It has to be said that at a price for a Glock, with the output power that is a little on the lower scale when compared to other GBB?s it is still a very accurate gun and not only is this gun pleasing to the eyes, even the material used on the frame is in the color of the gun. This means that you don?t have to worry about paint flaking off or wearing off due to normal use. This is the first TM production gun available on the market with various aftermarket features in one package as well making it a weapon to be reckoned with if used in a skirmish field. It?s already outweighed the bad elements of this package, which are the price of the gas magazines and the high initial entry cost. Even if it was not to be used as a skirmish weapon, but a plinking weapon or for practical shooting or as a wall hanger, the realism, working mechanisms and build quality does not let you down as the construction as well as its performance is absolutely top notch on the Glock. If you?re only waiting on a sidearm to complete your loadout and looking for a tan or a foliage green pistol. This Glock is something you must really consider on your list.