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RedWolf sponsors: Fifth Tomaszowo Airsoft Meeting 2009 (2009-07-21)

Name: Fifth Tomaszowo Airsoft Meeting 2009
Type: game & side events
Date: 2009 21-24.05
Location: Tomaszowo (Lubuskie in Poland)
Organizer: Team Delta
Entry fee: 50 PLN (~15USD)
Number of participants: ~800

Here's a short extract from

Tomaszowo is an invitation based airsoft meeting. It might seem that having such an event based on "elite factor" might be risky, but with all its growing popularity and participants number it is just how it should be. This time Team Delta invited almost 800 participants from literally each part of Poland, from which a large number arrived a couple of days earlier before game was planned. Some of them like "AWR" came before everybody to help (as they do each year) during preparations. Some other teams came a bit later but early enough (Thursday), to have an opportunity to meet some of the long time not seen friends from all over the country.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening Team Delta, FST from Poznań, and WMASG (thanks to sponsors Capri ASG and Redwolf Airsoft), have organized number of events.

There were number of vehicles taking part in the game, including mentioned T-55 tank, though the last one in limited area in care for safety and due to land owner restrictions on tank movement in the area. Vehicles could be "destroyed" by hitting them with a plastic bag with water. Unfortunately this idea was not working perfectly, nevertheless after some time vehicles were being effectively eliminated. Solution of "armour-piercing" weapons seems to be a neverending problem during games. The most impressive and spectacular way was one we've seen on the old Twierdza Modlin meetings where pyrotechnics were used, but those unfortunately can't be used where fire hazard is high - like Tomaszowo. Pity.

When everybody came back to the camp, we have announced the results of "Tetratlon" and handed the rewards. Main prize was Classic Army SLR105A1 (Steel Version); for the second place: Tokyo Marui P226R Chrome Stainless; and for the third Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade - all rewards funded by Redwolf Airsoft.

Tomaszowo is organized for the fifth year in a row by Team Delta, each year setting a new better standards. They take conclusions from their own mistakes or shortcomings. What is most important, their intention is to make a meeting "made by Maniacs for Maniacs" and it just works. For as much as 50PLN (~15USD) you get a loads of fun in a great company. It is hard to explain the great atmosphere of Tomaszowo to someone who was not there. It is a very characteristic and exceptional event which thanks to its kick it would most probably stay for long as a leading event in Poland. Even though there are number of opinions on fight dynamics, nobody should argue with the fact that this event is just unique. It may be also granted by the fact, that even though we are experiencing the world financial crisis, it attracted foreign sponsor (Redwolf Airsoft) but as well Capri ASG already well known in Poland.