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Redwolf visits Aguieus-HTS (2009-07-14)

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Most of us play Airsoft for the sake of experiencing real combat in a safe environment. And for some lucky ones, occasionally you get to shoot the real thing for kicks. But we got even luckier and got to spend an afternoon visiting the gentlemen over at Aguieus-HTS, a leading training school providing live fire tactical training for high threat security and tactical operations in high risk, hostile environments. If that sounds like a mouthful, then just think of these guys are hard-core highly experienced combat operators who have seen it all on the front lines. Their training facility in Tampa Florida offers year round private, mission specific training programs dedicated to supporting specific missions within the US government and law enforcement agencies. They have taken home what they have learned from the front lines, with the objective of preparing combat operatives fully before they are sent overseas. Not usually open to training civilian organizations, we were privileged enough to go through one of their basic starter courses. But they offer many other courses which can be found here (

A visit to their facility requires driving through long stretches of sandy road into the wilderness of the Tampa. After driving through several gates, we landed into a vast 13,000 acre facility which includes multiple scenario based layouts and a firing range. We had our try at shooting M4?s, P226?s and AK47?s from multiple engagement distances, learned to walk in formation for VIP training, and also learned a lot about how to handle firearms safely. We also showed our instructors an Inokatsu M4 and they were quite amazed at how realistic it was built! Another cool thing we learned was how PANTAC vests, pouches and slings were being used by operators engaged in the front lines. One popular vest is the PANTAC RRV vest shown here with real ballistic plates inserted.

The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable, sharing many interesting stories from the front lines. The jewels of the day were a Dragunov SVD with authentic Russian scope. The SVD was stunningly hard to fire precisely, and the recoil really put a dent into our shoulder bones! But then one of the instructors took out a highly tuned M40A3 that he used on missions. Nailing a coin from 200 yards was as simple as putting the crosshairs on target and pulling lightly on the trigger! Call us ?Airsoft Guys? but we sure were impressed!

Thank you Aguieus-HTS for such a great afternoon. If you belong to a law enforcement or military organization and are serious about your training, check out Aguieus-HTS for your training needs.

About Aguieus-HTS
Our instructors rank among the most highly skilled, experienced, intelligent and battle tested, live-fire tactical training professionals available today. All of our personnel are proven entities with real-world experience; they are experts with the skills and knowledge of what they teach, and have repeatedly accomplished their mission objectives during numerous engagements under hostile fire. It is such experience and expertise, and their determined commitment to prepare others to accomplish their mission objectives and survive, that make Aguieus-HTS instructors the best choice for discriminating clients.

Visit, or email for more information.