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RS SVD AEG - Coming Soon! (2008-10-23)

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Since the last time we visited the Real Sword offices we were left with a lasting impression of a company with quality and attention to detail in mind. They are people with a real passion for guns and are in touch with the needs of the avid airsofter. If you had the chance to talk to them at IWA 2008, then you will probably have an idea of the dedication that goes into making their products and even the packaging that it comes in. Also, if you were at IWA this year, you will be aware of their soon to be released product. For those who didn't attend and aren't already aware, their next big product will be an AEG SVD.

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SVD Silhouettes - hint of what we will be expecting from Real Sword

The Type 56 and Type 97 exhibited the company's potential, showcasing the possibilities in AEG manufacturing. They always wanted to make the Type 97 and Type 56 so that it shared exactly the same dimensions as the real thing. That meant that the internal design had to meet the dimensions of all the external parts to ensure that it keeps with the 1:1 rule. Currently, the Type 97 and Type 56 are the only AEG counterparts that boast the same dimensions as the real steel equivalent. Great attention has been paid to the material used also, and the overall aesthetic of their products to accurately mimic the original.

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Full Steel muzzle and outer barrel The handguard is made using the original technique of hot-bending the plywood

It is good to see that their passion hasn't waned with their up-and-coming SVD AEG. A lot of time has been spent in R&D into producing this SVD with the same dimensions as the real thing. As the SVD has a narrow, slender and lengthy body, the internal design was a somewhat challenging aspect. RS had to overcome a lot of technical difficulties in this respect, in making the inside fit the out. But they have done it, and here it is.

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Steel rear sight Plywood stock a la the original

The Real Sword SVD AEG is not just a pretty face too, as RS wanted to make it a highly effective gun to use also. RS confided in Airsoft players to get an idea of what they look for in a gun, performance-wise. The Real Sword SVD benefits from incredible shooting accuracy and range, thanks to their R&D and precise manufacturing techniques. Another interesting aspect is that the SVD has been designed to adapt to a whole array of different weather conditions around the world, despite being an electric-powered gun.

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Battery is stored in the handguard Main receiver is made out of steel and is 100% same size as the real steel, keeping all the correct details

So, how well can it perform? Does it really cut the mustard - performance-wise - or is it all style and no substance? Real Sword have tested and tweaked their SVD to ensure that it performs just as well as it looks and have taken some interesting videos for us to watch. How interesting? Well, how about picking off toothpicks at a distance of 10 metres? A cigarette lighter from 30 metres? Check out the videos below to see the tests.

Real Sword SVD AEG
Shooting Toothpicks from 10M

Video from showing the performance of their new SVD. Is it so impossible to hit a toothpick of 0.13cm diameter from 10 metres away?





Real Sword SVD AEG
Shooting a Lighter from 30M

Video from showing the performance of their new SVD. Is it so impossible to hit a lighter of 2.26cm diameter from 30 metres away?





Real Sword SVD AEG
Shooting a Coke can from 30M

Video from showing the performance of their new SVD. Shooting coke cans from 30 metres away.