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New Creation M134 Minigun (2007-03-20)

We present to you, this rather special little (or should that be big?) package - the Creation M134 Mingun, a fully-operational replica, with a full-metal construction, making this one hefty beast! It follows on from the Toytecs of years gone by, and this Creation M134 doesn't disappoint. This 6-barrelled behemoth delights you with its dazzling display as you press the trigger, providing much aural pleasure as well as visual, with the combination of the revolving barrels and the sound of the mechanism working away.

It is powered by a 12v battery, which is generously included in the package, and also includes a stand that will easily support the weight of this monster. The Creation M134 is sure to bring out bouts of excitement as you use this for a skirmish, although this has lots of potential collectors value as this is a Limited Edition piece, with only 100 of these being made. Click here to see more and buy!

Take a look here for the video: