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PRODUCT DETAILS ACETECH Lighter Pistol Tracer Suppressor

ACETECH Lighter Pistol Tracer Suppressor

Product Brand: ACETECH
Product Code: PAT3000-B-001
Length: 1,101 mm
Unit Price: GBP £ 83.50
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The Acetech lighter is the new Acetech tracer module for airsoft pistols. Due to its small dimensions it is to operate in CQB. This unit can light up green luminous BBs with intensity & red luminous BBs with moderate intensity. It'll fit on any pistol so long as it works with a 14mm CCW thread.

The tracer unit automatically switches off under the following conditions :

Unit is idle for 40 minutes
When power is low, after the power indicator blinks in red color for 3 seconds

Unit comes with a built in battery that can be charged by USB