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PRODUCT DETAILS Silverback SRS Variable Mass Piston

Silverback SRS Variable Mass Piston

Product Brand: Silverback
Product Code: SBA-BPS-11
Length: 110 mm
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Unit Price: GBP £ 63.50
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  • Customizable mass with different weights.
  • Metal construction.
  • Drop in fit.

  • Silverback SRS line of airsoft rifles.

    The Silverback SRS variable mass piston is designed to allow for customized weight to your piston using the included weights. It is both durable and robust, designed to be a drop in fit for your Silverback SRS line of airsoft sniper rifles.

    The installation is provided online and can be seen by scanning the QR code of the front (opening) side of the box. However, do contact a technician for further assistance if necessary.

  • x1 Silverback SRS Variable Mass Piston.
  • x8 Weights.
  • x1 Lubrication.
  • x2 Additional parts