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PRODUCT DETAILS GK Tactical Thick Acrylic Pistol Display Stand

GK Tactical Thick Acrylic Pistol Display Stand

Product Brand: GK Tactical
Product Code: GKTEXT-DS-2-0002
Length: 200 mm
Unit Price: GBP £ 20.95
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There are points in ones life where you want to showcase the unique or your most treasured pistols and the best way to do that is to fit them on this stand and display them in the most obvious places in your home. What better way is there to let everyone know you're into airsoft and let everyone admire your beautiful collection?

Fits most models with removable magazine. Easily fits all 1911, Glocks, M9, CZ, SIG, and most other modern pistols.

Height: 8cm Width: 2.5cm