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PRODUCT DETAILS Madbull Shark Accelerator Hopup Bucking Set

Madbull Shark Accelerator Hopup Bucking Set

Product Brand: Madbull
Product Code: MB-ACC-SAH
Length: 0 mm
Unit Price: GBP £ 16.50
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Shark Hopup Bucking was originally designed for 470 to prevent double feeding. By 3 special "fins" inside the bucking, Shark Hopup Bucking can hold one and only one B.B. tightly in the chamber.

However, Madbull found out that this bucking could also enhance the velocity in some AEGs. Although, it doesn't apply to all AEGs and the velocity is not increased in all AEGs.

Included in the package are two pieces, one ruber, one silicon, along with two Fishbone X Balancers